June 29-30 – “Fork In The Road” – Weekend Worship Services

When you come to a ‘fork in the road,’ you are immediately confronted with a decision. Which way should you go? Perhaps one path looks more appealing than the other. Maybe you’ve been told the one path is filled with challenges but ultimately leads to something special, while the other looks easier and more appealing, but the outcome is quite different.

You have the freedom to make a choice. What path will you take? As followers in Christ, Paul tells us that ‘for freedom Christ has set us free.’ When we confront a “fork in the road” in our Christian walk, freedom gives us the ability to choose which way we go.  Which way do we go? Do we choose the ‘destructive path’ or the ‘productive path’? Are we led by our own desires or led by the Spirit? Do we take one path that continues to walk in the Spirit with Jesus, or do we turn down the other path that walks in the flesh gratifying our sinful desires? Let’s face it, giving into our own desires happens more times than not. Listen-in or Watch below, as Pastor Warren tells us how God takes care of this choice and leads you down the right and fruitful path.

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