July 20-21 – “Too Consumed To Consume?” – Weekend Worship Services

Dr. Gary Chapman authored the book, The Five Love Languages, which teaches that we all have a particular way in which we love others. In our gospel lesson for this week, we can see these “Love Languages” on display as Jesus is welcomed into the home of Martha and Mary. Both are displaying love toward Jesus through their primary love language.  Yet, Jesus makes a distinction about which food is more lasting. While ‘Acts of Service’ to others is important in the Kingdom of God, at what point does it pull us away from spending ‘Quality Time’ with Jesus?  Is it possible that we become too consumed with what we do, so that we don’t have time to feast upon spending time with Jesus in His Word?  Have you ever been too consumed to consume?

Listen-In or Watch this week’s service to get the ‘good portion’ of what Jesus is serving.

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