Sep 21-22 – “Let’s Make A Deal” – Weekend Worship Services

Corrupt business practices are nothing new to us.  In a sinful world, they have existed for all time and continue to be alive today.  To be shrewd in business is almost an expectation when dealing with others, especially in negotiating transactions.  Everybody likes to ‘make a deal’ when buying or selling.  You might remember a game show called “Let’s Make a Deal” where Monty Hall would make shrewd deals with contestants dressed in crazy outfits.  Sometimes the deal was good for the contestant, other times it was a bust.  Even in that fun game show, one needed to be wise or cunning in order to make the best deal.

People risk many things when negotiating price on goods or services. Reputation is an important ingredient in business relations and negotiations. If people misrepresent themselves, it could spell disaster for their future employment.

Jesus provides a little Business 101 class for his disciples about a man who was caught conducting his employer’s affairs in a corrupt way.  What would his boss do? Take him to court, have him arrested, or fire him?  Would the man beg for mercy?  Is there any room for mercy?  Listen-In or Watch to find out how this story plays out with a surprising twist.  Remember, things are a bit different in the Kingdom of God.

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