Oct 19-20 – “In The Grip Of Prayer” – Weekend Worship Services

Have you ever wrestled with God during prayer? Jacob wrestled with God, literally, before he was confronted with meeting his brother Esau after many years. Fear gripped Jacob as he thought about seeing his brother who at one time wanted to kill him. Esau was on his way with 400 men to meet with Jacob. While Jacob was gripped with fear, he soon found himself in the grip of the Lord. It was here we see one of the greatest wrestling matches of all time.

Have you ever had to face your fears? Perhaps you’ve faced what seemed so much bigger than you? Did you find yourself continually praying to God for help? Maybe the outcome was so uncertain that you needed assurance from God that you would make it through a particular trial in your life. Finding ourselves in His grip very often forces us to hand over our fears, or control, to God. In the process of handing things over to God, we soon begin to tighten our grip on Him, doing what Jacob did in asking God to bless him. Listen-In or Watch as Pastor Warren explains.

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