Jan 18-19 – “What Are You Seeking” – Lutheran Weekend Worship Services

Ready or not, here I come!”  Yes, it’s the familiar call in the childhood game “Hide and Seek.”  This phrase begins our seeking out of those who are purposely hiding from us.  After Jesus walks by John the Baptist at the Jordan River, John exclaims “Behold, the Lamb of God!” Then two of John’s disciples started following behind Jesus while he was walking.  Jesus notices this, turns right around, and asks a most penetrating question to these men, “What are you seeking?”  Notice he didn’t say ‘Who are you seeking?” but “What.”

Imagine Jesus himself turning around as you follow Him and asking the same question of you.  It’s the kind of question that stops you right in your tracks, and makes you stutter for an answer.  So, “What are you seeking?”  Whether it’s your everyday life, or coming to worship at church, “What are you seeking?”  What is it that you are looking for in Christ?  You have found Him, but now it’s time to consider what Jesus is revealing to you as you attempt to answer this question.  Are you really looking for Jesus to radically change your life, or do you just need him to keep you in your comfort zone?  Please Listen-in or Watch this week’s service, but first ask yourself before you come “What am I seeking?”  Then see what Jesus shows you.

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