Apr 19-20 – Easter Weekend “Celebrating The Empty Tomb” – Lutheran Worship Services

This morning we gather to proclaim the Good News that the dawn of resurrection and new life has broken and that the night of death has been overcome. We gather to celebrate an empty tomb and that death no longer has any power over us!

Or, does that contradict all logic and reason! Anyone can see that the earth is just one huge cemetery. All you have to do to convince yourself of that fact is to just look around! Trees die here – sometimes after holding their heads high for hundreds of years – they finally fall to the ground. Animals die here after only a few years, and their bones lie glistening in the sun. Insects die here by the billions – often only a few days or hours after they’ve come into being. And people die! Death is here everywhere for everything!

However we believe, we know, that there is one whom death could not hold.  His tomb remains empty to this day. What does that empty tomb mean for you? Join Pastor Warren as we “Celebrate the Empty Tomb”!

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