Oct 11-12 Weekend – “When God Throws A Party” – Lutheran Worship Services

Imagine arriving at a wedding reception and discovering that you overlooked the part of the invitation that asked everyone who attends to wear pink. It is the bride’s favorite color and not only did she want her attendants wearing pink, but the groom and the groomsmen all had pink suits and ties on – and you are wearing your best Gray Herringbone suit, blue dress suit, white pocket handkerchief and brand-new soft Eel skin leather shoes. Everyone else is wearing pink – a lot of pink! It is humiliating to say the least.

This weekend I will be talking about a party that God throws. It is a wedding banquet actually and one person comes dressed in clothes not even fit for causal Friday. Who is he? Doesn’t he know that every wedding guest must come dressed in proper clothing? How does God react to a guest showing up at his party without the proper outfit? Let me tell you all about it!

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