Nov 8-9 Weekend – “Be Prepared For The Long Run”

Even though the 2014 New York City Marathon was just run last Sunday, the countdown has already begun for next year’s race. Prominently displayed on their website is the official countdown clock. Only 360 days until the next race. You can bet that participants will soon begin their training for next year’s race, even though it is still a long way off. Runners ensure that they are prepared for the long run by training well in advance.

The same is true of our faith in Jesus. We must be prepared for the long run.  The countdown to Jesus’ second coming has already begun, but there is no official countdown clock. Nobody knows the time. Some have guessed, and failed.  As we look at what is happening in the world these days, some of us may wish that Jesus would come quickly. That’s nothing new. David asked in Psalm 13, “How long, O Lord?”  We can identify a little with David.

In a world where our attention is easily distracted, we often pay attention only to those things that are on the immediate horizon. We forget about what can be gained through faithfulness and preparedness. How well are you preparing yourself for when Jesus comes again? Are you being intentional in your training or are you finding yourself putting your spiritual growth on the back burner? Let’s talk about your training regimen, as you look at the countdown to Jesus’ second coming. It may happen tomorrow. It could take the rest of your life. Are you prepared for the long run? Listen-In or Watch below.

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