Dec 27-28 Weekend Worship – “Quietly Changed By Jesus”

People magazine published its first issue on March 4, 1974. In 2009, it had a readership of 43.6 million adults, the highest of any American magazine, and it continues to be very popular today. The magazine has survived and thrived for 40 years because Americans love celebrities. We want to know all about people who make the news, from movie stars to sports legends to the person next door who has done amazing things.


For every celebrity, of course, there are thousands of people with wonderful talents, amazing lives and great gifts to share whom most of us seldom notice. They are the people who get things done and whom we count on every day to keep life moving. They are teachers, nurses, firefighters and police officers, garbage collectors, doctors, parking valets, waiters and waitresses, stockbrokers, bankers, pastors and priests, moms and dads and so many more.


Our scripture today lifts up several people who had little in the way of “celebrity status” but who had a role in Jesus’ story. Their connection with Jesus and their service to him quietly changed their lives. We can learn much from them. Listen-In or Watch below.

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