Feb 14-15 Weekend Worship – The Transfiguration

Sometimes, the greatest faith is not the mountain moving kind of faith at all. Sometimes, the greatest test of faith comes when you speak to the mountain and it doesn’t move. That is when God may speak to you and say, “I’m not going to move this mountain, but I will give you the strength to climb it.”

You already know “Every Mountain has a Valley.” But how do you get back to the mountaintop? Join me, Pastor Tom, and let’s talk about it.

In fact, it is a busy weekend at Immanuel with Transfiguration Sunday, a time for you to renew you Marriage Vows, Valentine’s Day, Back Pew Talks, and we look forward to the Burning of the Palms next Tuesday! Wow, that’s a mountaintop experience by itself. Watch or Listen-In below.

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