July 11-12 Weekend Worship – The Power of the Plumb Line

It is a common tool sometimes called a plumb-bob, plummet, or plum-line. The ancient Egyptians used it to make certain that walls were vertical. Surveyors use them to set their instrument exactly over a fixed survey marker so they can place markers in the proper location. Simply a line or cord with a weight at one end, held vertically, it helps a carpenter or mason build straight walls. 


Did you know that God uses a plumb-line? This weekend we will talk about God standing beside a wall with a plumb-line. Why? Can’t God determine if a wall is straight or not? And frankly, what does a plum-line have to do with our lives?


Come to Immanuel this weekend as I’ll show you not only how a plum-line works but also about the power in a plum-line. Not terribly excited? Well how about if I tell you, “Satan wants to mess you up, but I’ll show you real hope and integrity.” Listen-In Or Watch below:

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