July 18-19 Weekend Worship – Immeasurably More

When faced with the task of feeding thousands of people in a desolate place, the disciples look to send them away because it was near the end of the day. The people would need time to get down into the local towns to find food. Jesus challenges them to provide the food. With only so much money in the treasury bag, their resources are limited and they wouldn’t be able to buy enough food for everybody. Going to town to buy food would take time. Time is of the essence. They must act now. Immediately on hand are only five loaves of bread and two fish. Is Jesus demanding too much? The task is too great……or is it? When Jesus takes matters into his own hands, he can bring “Immeasurably More” to the situation. Can Jesus bring you ‘Immeasurably More”? Listen-In or Watch as Pastor Warren tells us more.

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