Dec 20 / 4:00 – “Blue Christmas” Service for the Hurting and Grieving this Christmas

Are you feeling that it might be better to avoid Christmas this year? Has illness or even death visited your home this year? Do the memories of friends and family who passed years ago seem to become more prevalent at this time? If you are in need of comfort and support, or if you wish that this holiday season could be different, then we hope and pray that you will find some of God’s peace and comfort in this worship service.

Immanuel is a place where we can allow feelings of pain, loneliness, worry, sadness, and experiences of dark memories, anxiety, and fear to be lifted up in faith to our Lord. Jesus will hear you even as he helps us bear the burdens and relieve our pain. Join us as together we find peace and comfort in this service, knowing that we are not alone.

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