Mar 5-6 Weekend Worship – Reconciliation, Restoration & Rejoicing

We live in a world of broken relationships. Without reconciliation, life is draining, not unlike plants without water or a dead battery. But Isaiah looked forward to a day in which God’s people would not only return from exile in the short term, but “will draw water from the wells of salvation,” as we do. David was drained, his strength “dried up as by the heat of summer,” but he rejoiced that God forgave and reconciled him. The father in Jesus’ parable single-handedly reconciled his prodigal son to himself and offered that to his elder son, as our heavenly Father does to us each day. Drained? In the grace of God, that life “has passed away; behold, the new has come,” Paul writes. In Christ that reconciled life is full—of joy and rejoicing! Listen-in or Watch as Pastor Warren elaborates.

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