Mar 19-20 Weekend Worship – Palms

Bittersweet. If something is literally bittersweet, it tastes both bitter and sweet at the same time—like a piece of dark chocolate. Different events can be bittersweet too— circumstances that are both painful and pleasant at the same time. Palm Sunday is bittersweet. As we picture Jesus riding into Jerusalem that first Palm Sunday, we don’t know whether to cry or laugh. Does Jesus enter the city in lowliness or pomp? Is He coming to bow His head to die or to reign in power? The answer is bittersweet: yes. Jesus comes in both of these ways and for both of these reasons. As we enter Holy Week, however, we remember that the bitterness of Palm Sunday’s humility, the bitterness of Maundy Thursday’s betrayal, and the bitterness of Good Friday’s death will undoubtedly give way to the sweetness of Easter Sunday’s resurrection and life! Listen-In or Watch below.

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