Apr 23-24 Weekend Worship – The Gift of Music

Since the time of David, the primary means of congregational participation in worship has been music. When God centralized worship in Jerusalem, music became a prominent feature. Through David, God organized an impressive music ministry. This first music ministry had 288 directors and 3,712 singers (1 Chronicles 23:3,5)! Much of what these 4000 Levites sang were psalms. A “psalm” was a sacred poem in praise of God intended to be sung to the accompaniment of stringed instruments. In fact, in the ancient world, all poetry was sung. Music was central. . While we celebrate God’s gift of Music at Immanuel this weekend we welcome and formally install our new Director of Music, Brenda Glawe (in the 9;15 Blended worship service). Listen-in or Watch below!

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