May 21-22 – Seeing More Clearly In Cambodia – A Gift from God

The Sunday after Pentecost is always The Holy Trinity. As we consider the Trinity, we do not attempt to define or explain God but confess what He has revealed to us in Scripture. He is one God in three persons. His self-disclosure reveals Himself as the God who saves. His delight is in us even though the cost of loving us means offering up His Son on the altar of the cross. This is the heart of God’s self-revelation—the Father’s saving will and purpose is fulfilled by the Son even to death, and the Spirit reveals this to us so that we might know and believe in Him and be saved. God’s wisdom is not theoretical but practical—for us and our salvation. This is His delight, and from this we learn to delight in what He has done! Listen-In or Watch below, as we hear from our Cambodian Mission Team!

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