Aug 27/28 – Take a Back Seat to Everyone – Lutheran Weekend Worship

We like to think of ourselves as worthy of honor and respect. We would like to live as deserving of first-class treatment. But in today’s Gospel, Jesus encourages us to live humbly among people around us, and He echoes the directives in Proverbs. Not only does He instruct us to humbly find the lowest seat, but when we do the inviting, He also cautions against expecting social payback. By ourselves, we would chafe under such limits, but our faith in the grace of God, coming to us through the sacrifice of Christ’s blood on our behalf, moves us to rely on His undeserved favor. That frees us to hear those directives as descriptions of the sort of living by which we may return praise and honor to our Savior—life in first class, indeed! Listen-In or Watch below.

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