Sep 17/18 – Generous God: Kingdom Gain Despite Worldly Practices – Lutheran Weekend Worship

The parable in today’s Gospel has one main point: how generous the master is to his very core. He has a reputation for generosity. When his unjust steward discounts everyone’s bills, he doesn’t assert his legal right to reverse the steward’s actions; instead, he stays consistent with his reputation and generously forgives the debts. So it is with our Master, the Lord God. He is generous, providing each of us with “body and soul, eyes, ears, and all my members, my reason and all my senses . . . clothing and shoes, food and drink, house and home, spouse and children, land, animals, and all I have.” We rejoice in the generosity of God. In our joy, we hear God’s call to use whatever wealth He entrusts to us for extending His reign—providing for the poor and supporting Gospel mission and ministry. Listen-In or Watch as Pastor Warren tells us more.

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