Apr 8/9 – A Convergence of the Committed, Curious, and Critical – Lutheran Weekend Worship

So it all comes down to this. “It all” is the history of our Lord’s incarnation, birth, preaching, teaching, healing, calling disciples, and now, —Jesus coming to His goal in Jerusalem. This is Sunday is so full of meaning that it cannot even be succinctly summarized. The meaning of it all unfolds before us as we spend an entire week, cheering the King at His triumphal entry, then gathering with Him in the suspenseful quiet of the Upper Room, then the garden, then His arrest, then the trials, and ultimately the cheers turn into jeers and He reaches His goal in Jerusalem. He dies. Only knowing who Jesus really is and the reason for His death, only in knowing the purpose of God’s Law can we discover the joy of the Gospel, the good news of the forgiveness of our sins, new birth and new life—eternal life! That spiritual knowledge gives us the stamina to endure this week and the rest of our lives. Listen-In or Watch below.

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