May 20/21 – Too Superstitious – Lutheran Weekend Worship

May 21 – 10:45 – “Rite of Confirmation 2017”
Today is a special day in the lives of those who have prepared themselves for the Rite of Confirmation. Today they will profess their faith in Jesus Christ and begin their commitment of faith within the church and the world that will sustain them for the remainder of their lives. As important as this day is for them, this day should also be a day of reflection for us all. Watch or Listen below.

May 20-21 (5:00 / 8:00 / 9:15) – “Too Superstitious”
Three buddies were discussing death and one asked the group: What would you like people to say about you at your funeral? The first said, “He was a great humanitarian, who cared about his community.” The second wanted, “He was a great husband and father, who was an example for many to follow.” The last man said, “At my funeral I want people to say, Look, he’s moving!” What about you? Watch or Listen below.

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