Jul 22/23 – Obedience as the Crux of Discipleship – Lutheran Weekend Worship

Discipleship isn’t simply about reading a book together or going through a course of study. It’s not an add on to the rest of life. It is the rest of life- and how we can live it in obedience to God. “Obedience” can be a difficult word to hear. For many of us, it brings to mind legalism, checklists of rules, or even doing out of fear what someone else wants. The obedience God calls us to, however, is nothing of the kind. It has its roots deep in the love of God. We live in obedience to God out of response to his great love for us: “We love because he first loved us” (1 John 4:19). True obedience of the heart, then, must have its motivation set firmly in the foundation of love. Listen-In or Watch below:

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