Nov 4/5 – The End of Tears – Lutheran Weekend Worship

Life in this world has often been described as a “valley of tears.” You’ve been there, haven’t you? You shed tears when your body hurts due to an injury or when your heart hurts due to the death of one you love. You weep when you feel lonely or when your heart breaks out
of sympathy for a friend. Life is filled with tears. In His compassion for you, Jesus enters this “valley of tears” through His life, suffering, and death so that He may eternally embrace you. And, because He is risen from the dead, Jesus promises to wipe away every tear from your eyes, enabling you to share in His resurrection victory. Today, as you celebrate those saints who have died in the faith, you may find yourself shedding tears, but you can do so with confidence that your risen and reigning Savior lives to wipe away the tears of all who trust in Him! Listen-In or Watch below:

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