Dec 30/31 – Looking into the Future – Lutheran Weekend Worship

Hindsight may be 20/20, but it’s often difficult to recognize what is right in front of us. How, then, do we recognize what God is doing in our midst? The answer comes in journeying with Mary and Joseph to the temple, where their infant son, God’s Son, is presented before the Lord. As has been promised over the centuries, the Lord Himself comes to His temple, and all nations will rejoice before Him. Within the temple courts, Simeon beholds the long-awaited Messiah and rejoices that righteousness has come to him. Not only has this gift come to Simeon, but it has also come to us all! When we receive Jesus through His Word and Sacrament this day, we, too, can recognize the sign of God’s great love for us and rejoice in His salvation. Listen-in or Watch below

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