Aug 11/12 – Living the New Life – Lutheran Weekend Worship

As we live out each day, we reflect on our faith in our words and actions. Each of us is an
example of the Christian life as we struggle to live in forgiving love toward one another,
and also as we continue to trust in the forgiveness Christ won for us. In today’s Old
Testament Reading, Elijah almost gives up, but he is strengthened with miraculous food.
Then in the Epistle, Paul provides a list of what our life in Christ should look like because
of our new birth in Baptism. In the Gospel, Jesus spells out the connection between
receiving His body and blood in the Lord’s Supper and living in hope each day. He is the
bread of life from heaven, who enables each of us to discard our old ways, live in the new
life of God’s forgiving love, and adorn ourselves with gladness. Listen-In or Watch below:

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