Sep 22/23 – What It Takes To Be Great – Lutheran Weekend Worship

Mohammed Ali often boasted by saying “I am the greatest!” He very well might have
been the greatest boxer of all time. He certainly left his mark upon boxing and upon the
world. People in general desire to do the best they can especially in their work, but also
in all areas of their life. Some desire to be the greatest. In our world, being great is
equated with the power and strength of the individual to be best in their particular field
or vocation. Even Jesus’s disciples quibbled about who is the greatest in Jesus’ Kingdom.
They desired status and prestige. They wanted to be the top disciple. Being ‘the greatest’
in the Kingdom of God comes in an entirely different way. So like Martin Luther King said,
“You want to be great? Wonderful!” Jesus will tell us what that means today. Listen-In or Watch below:

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