Jan 5/6 – A Message to All – Lutheran Weekend Worship

Mystery means something hidden that is now revealed. While many “mysteries” surround the Epiphany of Our Lord, Paul reminds us of the central mystery of how Gentiles are
fellow heirs of the promise and partakers in that promise in Christ Jesus. We are curious about who these Magi were or the nature of the star that led them to the Christ Child, but these fade into the profound revelation that Christ is come not for the few but for all—Jew and Gentile. Through the proclamation of the Gospel, the Lord calls all people into the light of Christ by faith. This was God’s eternal purpose, but it was hidden until the
right moment when it was fully revealed in Christ Jesus, our Lord. So the Church rejoices with Peter that God shows no partiality but has provided salvation for all through Jesus Christ. Listen-In or Watch below!

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