Mar 13 / Wed Lenten Service – The Upper Room: A Place of Service – Lutheran Worship video

Tonight, we gather and listen to Jesus. In the Upper Room with His disciples, He
takes an argument about glory and turns it into an invitation for service.

Jesus knows that His people often get things wrong. From the Israelites who
elevated their worship of God over the God they worshiped, to the disciples who placed
their following of the Lord over the Lord they followed, God’s people frequently struggle
with glory and service.

Tonight, Jesus has gathered His disciples for the Passover, and yet, as He looks over
the room, He witnesses division and strife. The disciples are broken apart by arguments
over greatness and glory.

Into this place of broken discipleship, Jesus brings the wholeness of salvation. His
body and blood, His betrayal and death, transform the Upper Room from a place of
strife over glory to a place of glorious service.

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