Apr 6/7 – Cornerstone vs. Stumbling Stone – Lutheran Weekend Worship

Jesus can be polarizing. He can be the Cornerstone of your life upon which whom you
build your life and faith upon. He can also be a Stumbling Stone upon which you trip over
in this life seeming to become a major impediment to get around, especially when you
are trying to build your life without Him or around Him.

Many people want to build their lives upon their own accomplishments, status, and
prestige. When confronted by Jesus, they can become resistant to him, much like the
Pharisees, who wanted to kill him. Jesus sends a warning to these kind of folks that if you
don’t have Him as your Cornerstone in life, then the weight of the rest of the stones on
the foundation of your life may crush you. The Good News is that when He is your
Cornerstone, the rest of your life will be built solidly upon Him.

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