June 15/16 – What’s In a Name? – Lutheran Weekend Worship

Whenever we contemplate the mystery of God being three persons in one God, we are
in awe of how far above us He is in His divine nature. We were called into being when we
were nothing, we were saved while still in our sins, and we were given faith to trust Him,
purely by the grace of God. Today’s Psalm provides another impetus for awe: God’s
creation itself is majestic in scope and grandeur. The more we learn about it, especially
the vastness of cosmic space, the more we recognize the grace of God in His caring about
us at all. Our planet is but a blue marble when seen from most of our solar system. Few
of humanity’s accomplishments are visible even from the space station in near-earth
orbit. God has not only provided the one place where we might thrive, but He also became
one of us to die for us and then gave us the ability to trust Him for all things. Indeed, how
majestic is His name in all the earth, especially in our hearts and minds! Listen-In or Watch below!

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