May 9-10 / Special – A Gift Received – Lutheran Worship video

Our fifty-day celebration of Easter continues as we solemnly gather in the presence of our
crucified and risen Savior Jesus Christ. Present He is for we see and hear Him touching and speaking to us through His Spirit, in the water of Holy Baptism, in His very body and blood in Holy Communion, in His words of Holy Absolution, and in the preaching of His Word. We gather not as much to give anything to Him but to receive from Him His gifts of deliverance, salvation, and righteousness. Today, once again He bestows on you His own righteousness, making of us a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for His own possession. Our sin has been taken away, and we are renewed with eternal life by the faith created in us by His Spirit. In this faith our doubts and fears are taken away as we look forward to our heavenly home, the many rooms and mansions, the place prepared for us, as we await His final return.


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