Jun 20-21 / Special – Underdog’s Battle Cry – Lutheran Weekend Worship video

Some of you may remember a beloved cartoon character called ‘Underdog”. He was a caped crusader who’s physique in no way struck fear into the heart of the evil doers he sought to avenge. He was like young David who came ready to slay Goliath. His opponents often laughed at him. Nevertheless, whenever Sweet Polly Purebread got in trouble and cried out for help, Underdog would faithfully say “There’s no need to fear, Underdog is here!” Each time his words proved true. Everytime he would save Sweet Polly Purebread, who would exclaim ‘My Hero!”. As Jesus sends out the twelve disciples, he tells them that there will be persecution, but that there is no need to fear, because The Heavenly Father loves and values them above all creation. So just like the disciples, even we have nothing to fear even though things are scary and we may fell like we need help from our hero – Jesus. Jesus inspires us to speak boldy of Him even in the midst of persecution. Yet, when we do fear, we can cry out for help and be saved!

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