Jun 27-28 / Special – Seeing the Truth – Lutheran Weekend Worship audio

Without the truly good news of the Gospel we cannot see the hard truth that we and all people are poor sinners who deserve nothing but punishment from almighty God. It takes the Gospel to open our eyes wide to the severity of God’s Law, which our Savior took on Himself in our stead. In Jeremiah’s day, and our own, false prophets proclaim an easy peace that requires little change in our daily living. Now, as when Paul was writing, some people in the Church think the freedom Christ won for us can mean a disregard for God’s Law. And when Jesus was calling disciples, He had to warn them (and us) that some of their own family members would actively oppose their following the Lord. But the Gospel announces what is real and good: God has kept all His promises in our Savior Jesus Christ. His death shows the enormity of the punishment we deserve, and His resurrection assures us of eternal life. Because our Lord gave His life for us, with eyes wide open we can lose ourselves in service to Him and with the psalmist “sing of the steadfast love of the LORD, forever” (Psalm 89:1).

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