July 18/19 – Gardening Tips from Jesus – Lutheran Weekend Worship

Welcome to worship at Immanuel for the July 19/19 weekend. On Sunday, our worship featured an outdoor Drive-In Worship event.

Why must we endure the questions, the challenges, and the things that are not as they should be? The disciples long ago wondered about this too. Why are there weeds in God’s field and what can be done about it? The seed was good, but God has enemies, and so do you. It is not given to us to resolve this until the Lord’s time, when He will separate the weeds from the wheat. It is enough for us to know that God knows the hearts of people and that this tension will not endure. When Jesus comes in His glory, the angels will gather out of His kingdom all who do not belong. Then the righteous shall shine like the sun, so take heart, people of God. Listen-In or Watch below.

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