Sep 5/6 – Traits of a Child – Lutheran Weekend Worship

When His disciples wanted to know who was the greatest in the kingdom of heaven, Jesus pointed to a child as an object lesson for true humility. One who assumes the posture of
complete dependence— having nothing, yet needing everything—is valued by God. Our gracious Savior calls us to such humility, repentance, and faith this day. As we come before Him to receive forgiveness and new life through His very presence in His Word and at His Table, we, too, assume a posture of penitence. This posture doesn’t point to ourselves and our supposed worthiness; no, it points to Jesus and His sacrifice for us, the unworthy children of the Father. As the only perfectly humble child of God, Jesus stoops to serve us today and fill us with the forgiveness we desperately need. Listen-In or Watch below.

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