Nov 14/15 – Wake Up! – Lutheran Weekend Worship

“Dad, Wake Up!” is a phrase that I hear with regularity late at night, after having dozed
off while watching a t.v. show or movie on the couch. After repeated rounds of getting
the preverbial ‘head nods’, attempting to fight the good fight, I am unable to ‘stay awake’
and often drift off into a deep sleep. This makes for some good comedy in our house that
causes the family to break out their cell phones and take some fun pictures and videos of
my chin buried into my chest. LOL!!!

Perhaps you’ve been told to ‘wake up!’ and fight the good fight to stay awake. However,
being told to ‘wake up’ is nothing new to the Christian who places their identity in Christ.
We too are to ‘wake up’ and arm ourselves with the armor of God, encouraging one
another of the coming Day of the LORD, when all will ‘be awakened’ by The LIGHT that
pierces the darkness of this world, our Lord Jesus Christ. Listen-In or Watch below!

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