Dec 19/20 – The Greatest Story – Lutheran Weekend Worship

We stand at the threshold not only of an old and familiar story but also that of an old yet familiar mystery, the greatest mystery ever told. It doesn’t appear on any list of greatest novels or plays written by earthly authors. It is the mystery of God. More specifically, it is the mystery of His love for the salvation of the world. But as we prepare to review the mystery of God—the Son of God becoming incarnate in our human flesh and born of the Virgin Mary—the greater mystery is that He, Jesus, looks over your shoulder now in the retelling and hearing of Christmas. The greater mystery is that you not only know the old, familiar story but also that you believe it. And believing brings about the best mystery of all—that your sins are forgiven, that you have a new, eternal life, that you are forever a child, a son, a daughter born of God. The Gospel—the wisdom and mystery of God—is no longer a secret. For it is told by your own mouth singing of God’s love and salvation in Jesus Christ. Listen-In or Watch below!

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