Jan 23/24 – Will You Come and Follow Me – Lutheran Weekend Worship

When someone calls you on your phone, do you always answer? In our present day with caller identification, many are apt to let the call go to voicemail to wait and see what the message is and who it’s from and at times wait to respond depending on the level of importance. How about when God calls? Especially, if that call is one to repentance? Do you answer? We hear in today’s Readings of the response of some. Jonah was a reluctant follower. He went to Nineveh begrudgingly, but through him God would issue a call for the Ninevites to repentance. Jesus would call Simon, Andrew, James, and John to follow Him, and promised that through them, God would issue a call of repentance to many. In Baptism, God has called us to follow Him in a life of faith and repentance, and He promises that through us, others will also be called to that same repentance and new life. Listen-In or Watch below!

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