Mar 6/7 – Not the God We Deserve, but the God We Have – Lutheran Weekend Worship

The Church has what the world doesn’t want: God’s Law, which always accuses us sinners,
and His Gospel, which allows for no boasting on our part. To this day, Jewish leaders teach
that God will not demand what we cannot achieve. What a stumbling block, preaching a
Messiah who becomes a sacrifice for our failings, both in our actions and our very nature.
The polytheistic society of Paul’s day and the secular one of ours both find the Law an
encumbrance, preferring to judge by their own standards (or lack of them). What folly,
our society believes, to preach a God who chooses people whom everyone knows to be
weak. Today is a day for foolish preaching: Christ crucified, the power and wisdom of God. Listen-In or Watch below!

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