Mar 13/14 – Believing is Seeing! – Lutheran Weekend Worship

Look out! There were snakes biting the Israelites, sent by God as punishment for
complaining about the manna, that miraculous food He gave on the way to the Promised
Land. But look up! See the bronze serpent Moses put on a pole. Everyone who looked up
at the serpent will live. The serpent was a type of Christ, a parallel symbol in the Bible.
We, too, have snakes—our discontent with God’s daily blessings and lack of faith in His
promises. But as we look up in faith to Jesus, the Christ on the cross, we shall be saved.
That faith is a gift of God in His grace. Jesus is the center of the gracious Good News. We
are God’s workmanship, and now He holds the door open as we walk through, looking up
to Jesus. Listen-In or Watch below!

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