Nov 5/6 – For All the Saints Who from Their Labors Rest – Lutheran Weekend Worship

When we think of saints, we likely picture well-known disciples, martyrs, and leaders of the Church throughout the years. Familiar names from the pages of Scripture come to mind such as Peter, John, and Paul—the type of people we name churches after. Perhaps this is rightly so. After all, the Lord worked in the lives of these individuals in powerful ways. On All Saints’ Day, however, we also give thanks to God for “unsung saints.” We remember faithful Christian men and women whose names may not be known to the world but are known to us. We remember the names of mothers and fathers, friends and family, and fellow congregation members who bore witness to Christ through word and deed. We take time to rejoice that they are now in the nearer presence of the crucified and risen Savior they served while among us. Listen-in or Watch as Pastor Tom helps us to remember the Saints that we have lost.

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