Dec 2/3 – Look! Here Comes the Messiah Motorcade! – Lutheran Weekend Worship

When a dignitary like a president, prime minister, or monarch comes to town, people know it! Often, just for that one VIP, there is a police escort, support vehicles, and multiple limousines. Crowds stand behind barriers, bodyguards surround the dignitary, and everything is orchestrated to bring the leader swiftly and safely to his or her destination. But not so on Palm Sunday. Jesus rides a humble donkey. He plods down the road at a slow pace. The crowds interact with Jesus, throwing their cloaks along His way and waving palm branches. Jesus has no security detail—just His disciples. Jesus is a different kind of dignitary. Even though the crowds may not fully realize it, He is the King of kings and Lord of lords who comes in humility. This King chooses to come humbly and lay down His life for those who line His way and for all people—including you. Listen-In or Watch below:

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